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Lebast Lehmbaustoffe

Reiserdorf 13
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Company Profile:
The German SME, located in Bavaria, produces innovative clay boards, clay-based panes as well as clay elements with heating and cooling features that opens new perspectives of modern temperature regulation.The technology can be applied for passive houses, low-energy houses as well as wood house constructions.
The clay boards can be used for the complete finishes, comparable to the use of plaster boards. With their 14mm thickness, the clay boards will be attached to hard grounds, like concrete, lime sand brick or brick walls, even wood or chip boards. The clay boards with 22mm thickness will be screwed together with the dry sub-construction

Production of clay boards (alternative to plaster boards) with heating or cooling features

What we offer:
With its innovative unique climate board, the company developped an energy concept, which provides a new kind of temperature management by combining clay-cooling elements with clay-heating-elements made of carbon (patent applied)
- humidity regulating, no moulds
- noise control
- heat storage capability
- steam permeable
- clay is reversible and is re-useable at any time without loosing its features

What we are looking for:
We are looking for partners for distribution, joint ventures, research or any other projects, who are interested in implementing our products.

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Collaboration sought:
  • Technology & business cooperation
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Mr Peter Gmeiner

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