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RainWater Harvesting Ltd

Harrier A, Southgate Way
ZIP Code
Orton Southgate, Peterborough
United Kingdom

Company Profile:
Distributor of pumps, filters, tanks and rainwater management system

Manufacturer of pumps and rainwater management systems

Industry. Manufacturer and distributor based in Peterborough, Supply to building trade worldwide and new home owners since 2006.

Rainwater Harvesting Ltd. A world leader in rainwater management systems and specialist domestic pumps.

What we offer:
Home-owners now cut mains water usage in half by using water off their own roof for washing clothes, flushing toilets, watering the garden and washing the car. We’re the company that lists the price of every item, which puts sensible kits together, which keeps a large stock for immediate delivery and which gives email and phone support before and after the sale. is a family owned company based at one of Britain’s largest stock and fulfilment centres in the UK, in Peterborough, and we have offices in the Manchester and London areas. Our business succeeds by selling the equipment you want at the lowest possible prices and delivering them to you in the shortest possible time. We stock rainwater harvesting systems, filters, pumps, rainwater tanks, flood crates and rainwater management systems including the exclusive Rain Director®.

2012 sees the release of the HydroForce pump, optimised for rainwater harvesting. The HydroForce is the first pump made specifically for rainwater harvesting, such an essential process in making homes more sustainable. Reliability is essential, so the HydroForce improves on existing submersible pumps with a bulkhead separating the pump chamber from the electric motor and a pressure release gap. These two features, for which patent applications have been accepted, ensure water does not get into the motor. The intelligent pump functions are controlled by a dedicated PCB, double dry-run protection, pressure-sensitive water delivery and non-return-valve.

What we are looking for:
1) Sector: building industry. The distributor should be active in supplying equipment, product and services to building contractors, architects, developers, engineers and related companies. Although many of the distributor’s clients will be home owner or intermediary for a single home installation (£2000 to £3000, $3000-4500 US dollars), the bigger turnover comes from sales to multi-dwelling developments, blocks of flats, schools, sports halls, hotels, hospitals, care homes, warehouses and factories (up to £100,000, $150,000).

2) Resources. The distributor needs
a. technical staff to assess market needs and to adapt the offer to them,
b. research and documentation staff to understand sector specific, environmental and regulatory issues and to model the sales pitch, brochures and installation instructions accordingly,
c. marketing staff to develop this intelligence into sales materials including trade fairs, consumer fairs, display, brochures, product information sheets, advertising and editorial coverage in the media,
d. sales staff to qualify sales leads and clinch deals,
e. sales support staff to answer questions during and after the sale, including on installation and regulatory issues
f. finance, legal, HR and IT infrastructure, ideally with an integrated warehouse stock, sales orders and finance package,
g. warehousing, pick and pack fulfillment and shipping in own location

3) Size. The distributor, to have such resources, will have at least 25 to 50 staff in the resource areas listed above and a minimum turnover of £10m ($15 million US Dollars).

4) International experience. The distributor should have an international business already, both importing and exporting, and be familiar with distribution and licensing agreements across borders. Business with our company would be conducted in English (senior management, legal and finance) but no language skills would be required of other distributor staff.

  • Sustainable building
    • ] energy saving devices
  • Water Management & efficiency
    • ] flood management
    • ] piping / sewerage system / water supply system
    • ] rainwater harvesting
    • ] sustainable urban drainage systems
    • ] water recycling

Collaboration sought:
  • Technology & business cooperation
    • License agreement
    • Sales and service partner
    • Other: Distribution


Mr Marcus Bicknell


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