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Company Profile:
Founded in February 2004, imaginary is a private company inside the Innovation Network of the University Politecnico di Milano, with more than 25 resources at present and working on European scale. The main area of activity is the design and development of technology enhanced learning solutions in knowledge intensive organizations, typically the design and development of simulation systems, Serious Games and Virtual Worlds. The expertise is cross-competence, strongly technological (in particular about opens source approaches, web and mobile applications and user requirement analysis) and mathematical, but also methodological and pedagogical: learning scenarios are well known and many research and customer projects have been carried out from the user needs analysis to the learning execution with success. Many publications have been produced during former activities and are regularly submitted to international conferences. Imaginary has already been involved in research projects to design and develop serious games for different target groups and on different devices, with different learning objectives ranging from the cultural to the medical and social sectors.
Lucia Pannese

Serious Games for the Environment and Sustainable Development

What we offer:
Imaginary develops serious games and immersive applications designed to educate and raise awareness of environmental issues. We provide consultancy and collaborative development to create engaging applications which can change attitudes and behaviours on environmental issues.

Our experience in the development of these serious games and the tools we use help to ensure maximum cost effectiveness.

What we are looking for:
We are seeking both partners and customers. We are looking to develop collaborative partnerships with eco-developers to jointly develop immersive applications and serious games which promote company vision or policy and build the brand.

We are also seeking customers for our serious games on envionmental and green city awareness,

  • Professional services
    • ] sustainability consultancy
    • ] software
    • ] education, research & consultancy
  • ] Others activities

Collaboration sought:
  • Technology & business cooperation
    • Joint venture
  • Research Cooperation
    • EU research projects
    • National and regional research programmes
    • Private research
  • Consultancy
    • IT consulting


Mr David Wortley

Immersive Technologies Consultant

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