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Concrete and Rock Solutions

Scotchal House
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United Kingdom

Company Profile:
The company provide a fully engineered solution for construction and installation of pre- fabricated Steel framed buildings. The Wonder Building™ utilizes the strongest shape known in construction – an arch – not only in its silhouette but also in each panel. This means it can support great loads without internal support!
No trusses, no frames, no support posts, and no purlins – just strong, interlocking sheet-steel panels.
As the original arch building system, the ‘Wonder Building’ has over 57 years of history..-more than twice that of any other arch building brand!

Why is the Wonder Building™ different from other steel arch buildings?

Entirely self-supporting clear-span Buildings.
No concentrated loads.
Weigh less than rigid frame buildings providing the same span and loading.
Typically less expensive to construct.
Long successful history, high quality, durability and strength.

Retaining Walls Solutions

What we offer:
The company provide a fully engineered solution for construction and installation of pre- fabricated concrete retaining walls for any requirement - from commercial and industrial requirements to civil and infrastructure. They are looking for engineering and construction contacts within established civil engineering companies and or construction companies working within the market of Residential and Industrial developments, Roads, Railways, Waterways, Sea defences, major infrastructure to promote their technology. They offer a complete solution for retaining and landscaping walls - Fully engineered solution EN7 standard, Fast to install, Sustainable, Offsite solution, Less excavation, Install in limited working space, Looks like natural stone, CE approved an interlocking concrete block solution that looks like stone

What we are looking for:
The UK company is looking for a partnership with civil engineering companies and construction companies. The ideal European partner will have the ability to precast Concrete. They would provide manufacturing of the precast units within the country, this could be fixed or mobile.

  • Sustainable building
    • ] building structures

Collaboration sought:
  • Technology & business cooperation
    • Engineering and construction services
    • Manufacturing


Mr Mr Colin Gaunt

Managing Director
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