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Savex ESL Limited

13 Old Forge Way,
ZIP Code
DA14 4QL
United Kingdom

Company Profile:
Savex ESL Ltd is based in SE London/NW Kent.
We import our specially made product from China where we have good relationships with suppliers in the trade and hope to increase the range selling many of their products.
Savex has the design registration for it's Cover Plate which allows the conversion of all lengths of fluorescent lighting tubes including 6 and 8 foots. There are 70 million of these wasteful units in the UK alone. The company won the Environmental Technology Innovation Award in 2007 and the Green Award in 2010 for its work and the Cover Plate. The market is industrial and commercial premises and saving are at least 55% depending on usage. Payback is normally around 1.8 years.
We need funding for expansion and help with aspects of the business including a closer relationship with those able to install on our behalf.


What we offer:
My area of expertise is sales and marketing.
We offer a range of products that reduce energy use in industrial and commercial premises. Saving are 55% and payback around 1.8 years.
These products are used to reduce energy bills simply and without interruption to business.
The advantage is that the customer gets better lighting at a reduced cost, which can attracts grants so that the expense is met from savings. Other solutions - 3 part adapters are dangerous and only cater for shorter tubes - we can go into a location and solve their entire lighting problem

What we are looking for:
1. We are looking for partners who can install on our behalf, help with site surveys and fund expansion for which equity is available.

Customers include all those with high energy costs in their lighting requirements. Because we need too do site surveys and calculations on saving it is unlikely that a distributor would be interested but that is not to say a forward looking contractor would not find the situation attractive.

Partners would come from the energy saving or electricial services sectors

  • Sustainable building
    • ] energy saving devices
    • ] lighting

Collaboration sought:
  • Technology & business cooperation
    • Engineering and construction services
    • Manufacturing
    • Sales and service partner
  • Financing & Funding
    • Funding EU / National programmes


Mr Mr. Eric Osborne


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