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Emek Makina

Imes Sanayi Sitesi. B Blok. 205/5. Dudullu
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Company Profile:
Emek Makina is a full-service design, engineering, and fabrication company based in Istanbul specializing in steel equipment manufacturing and plant design and fabrication. Our experience spans over 30 years of production within the chemical / recycling and food industries with a focus on generating sustainably driven alternatives to common residential, commercial and industrial products and applications.

Design, Engineering, Prototyping, and Steel Manufacturing Services

What we offer:
Emek Makina’s design and engineering services encompass a broad range of project types varying from Solar PV Array Construction, HVAC Systems, Turn-Key Recycling Plants, and Water Treatment Facilities, to many other sustainably driven innovations.

What we are looking for:
We are interested in collaborating on environmentally conscious projects that present insightful solutions to the construction industry, and we offer the design and engineering services as well as the prototyping and fabrication capabilities needed to realize such goals.

  • Sustainable building
    • ] building structures
    • ] ventilation
    • ] modular & prefabricated buildings
  • Water Management & efficiency
    • ] waste water treatment
    • ] piping / sewerage system / water supply system
    • ] rainwater harvesting
    • ] water recycling
  • Systems and equipments using energy from alternative souces
    • ] Solar panels
    • ] biomass / biogas
    • ] biofuels
    • ] Heat pumps
    • ] wind turbines
  • External Works
    • ] Living roofs & walls

Collaboration sought:
  • Technology & business cooperation
    • Engineering and construction services
    • Manufacturing
    • Purchase
  • Research Cooperation
    • EU research projects
    • National and regional research programmes
    • Private research


Ms Didar Ozcelik Williams

Project Manager
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