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TecnoConsulting S.r.l.

Via Pratese 40/b
ZIP Code
Poggio a Caiano (PO)

Company Profile:
TecnoConsulting è una società di promozione commerciale di nuove tecnologie nell’ambito delle Energie Rinnovabili (fotovoltaico, cogenerazione, ecc). In particolare modo vogliamo proporre un nuovo modo di costruire gli edifici residenziali e commerciali attraverso una tecnologia che rende un “modulo abitativo autosufficiente”; utilizzando la ceramica estrusa, Kevlar e pannelli fotovoltaici. Un modulo abitativo di circa 150mq costruito con pareti ventilate in ceramic estrusa, rifiniture interne di ceramica, struttura portante in Kevlar rinforzato, copertura in Fotovoltaico da 20kWp, tutto ciò rende Il modulo autosufficiente in termini di energia termica, elettrica.
Per il Mercato Italiano si avvale di un’altra socetà del Gruppo, facente capo alla famiglia Bonechi, per la realizzazione dell’impiantistica.


What we offer:
TecnoConsulting is a company borned for promoting new ways of applied technology on dialy life activities, mainly focused on Renewable Energies, such as Photovoltaic, Eolic,Cogeneration, etc. We would like to introduce a new technology combining Photovoltaic Modules with ceramic estrusion applied for a new concept of residential building block. This combination makes this residential module free of energy needs coming from external providers. It is proposed as 100sqm residential module made with ceramic, Kevlar infrastructure and ceramic ventilated facades. Roof top is composed by 20kWp of pv modules which gives electricity and thermal energy to the building. With the integration of extruded porcelain with photovoltaic and solar thermal panels, we are able to design exceptional homes, ENERGY PRODUCTIVE, with low environmental impact, for a reduced cost.
These homes are classified by us as PRODUCTIVE type, as the construction brings financial benefits that allow the final user to decide on the use of these benefits according to his choice, for the financial compensation paid to banks or to an immediate recovery of the money spent for the purchase of the property:
• We maximize the building's energy-saving
• Thermo-integration of solar technology for the exploitation of renewable sources
• Our production process have a low environmental impact
• Our product is natural

For the Italian market our company is part of a group of companies which makes installations for PV market and Cogeneration with Biogas.

What we are looking for:
We are looking for partners for developing our technology on eco building aorund the world. We are looking for properties owner in needs to develop commercial or residential buildings with new technology in countries where the Feed In tariff for PV market is working.
We also are looking for agents.

  • Building materials
    • ] adhesives
    • ] aggregates
    • ] concrete
    • ] mortars & limes
    • ] natural materials
    • ] recycled materials
    • ] blocks & bricks
    • ] flooring, wall & ceiling finishes
  • Systems and equipments using energy from alternative souces
    • ] Solar panels
    • ] biomass / biogas
    • ] biofuels
    • ] Heat pumps
    • ] wind turbines
  • Professional services
    • ] architectural & design services
    • ] planning services
    • ] sustainability consultancy
    • ] trade associations

Collaboration sought:
  • Technology & business cooperation
    • Technical cooperation
    • Engineering and construction services
    • Manufacturing
    • License agreement
    • Joint venture
    • Purchase
    • Sales and service partner
  • Research Cooperation
    • EU research projects
    • National and regional research programmes
    • Private research
  • Financing & Funding
    • Funding EU / National programmes
    • German financing support (e.g. Business Angels)
    • International financing support


Mr Lapo Bonechi

Amministratore unico, commerciale
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