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Company Profile:
Domenico Brancato snc, founded in 1945, is a company (SME) that designs and manufactures “Systems for the ripening and preservation of fruit and vegetable products for modified/controlled-atmosphere rooms”.
Designer and founder Mr. Domenico Brancato began his business, aided by constant collaboration with various Research Institutes, with the first Modified/Controlled-Atmosphere systems.

In addition to the de-greening of citrus fruit techniques in Sicily and Southern Italy the company perfected, extended and developed the controlled ripening technique for apples and pears through the exclusive KV97 system, which has won widespread acclaim from industry operators in Central and Northern Italy on account of the results and advantages that have proved to be as good as or better than the ripening seen in a Controlled Atmosphere (C.A.), which in practice is now applied only in long-term storage.
The know-how of technicians with many years of experience, especially in the fruit and vegetable post-harvest sector, has allowed the development of other innovative technologies that are fully reliable and compliant with national health standards and European Community directives.
Since 1988 Domenico Brancato snc has been managed by Domenico’s son, Mr. Francesco Brancato, who took action to establish relations (2002-2005) first with the Ministries of Health and Agriculture to extend the use of ethylene to kiwis and pears (2006) and then with the European Commission so that the post-harvest use of ethylene (classified by the EU as a phytorhormone) could be legalized and regulated in both Italy and throughout Europe (for use on biological produce).
Over the years the company has attained numerous international patents: the last PCT certificate was attained in 2004 as part of a research program, included and financed in the Sicilian regional program, scoring 3.14 for technological innovation. The latter was given a preview presentation at the INNOV-AGRO fair promoted by the University of Udine of the Science Park Area of Trieste (program code A19): this is a new mobile system for the rapid pre-refrigeration of produce (forced-air cooling) called “TORNADO”.
This technology was recently presented (April 2009) at the International Inventions Fair in Geneva where an international jury awarded it a gold medal.
The wealth of experience and know-how built up over the years by the Domenico Brancato team allows us, today, to provide high-added-value products and services for use in the post-harvest sector.

Equipments for ripening and preserving fruit ; post-harvest technologies

What we offer:
New system for fast pre-cooling of horticultural products. It is simple to use inside common cold rooms and it increases their performances. The innovative air-forced cooling system surpassed traditional technologies (hydro-cooling, vacuum, blast chiller, cooling tunnel on fixed lines) in economy, cooling time, ease to install and use. .Reduce fan energy using well-vented boxes.More energy efficient than room cooling.No special ducting required
Rapid cooling much faster than room cooling ( 1/3 difference time)
•Avoid excess handling and wetting of produce•
Can be located in existing cold rooms
Increase shelf life by removing field heat fast
Simple installation compared to plenum type systems.Competitive advantage.

What we are looking for:
The partners are sought for the sale, transfer of license, patent or marketing agreement with or without exclusive.
Type of collaboration sought
Licence agreement
Manufacturing Agreement
Commercial Agreement

  • Sustainable building
    • ] air conditioning systems
    • ] energy saving devices
  • Systems and equipments using energy from alternative souces
    • ] wind turbines

Collaboration sought:
  • Technology & business cooperation
    • Engineering and construction services
    • License agreement
    • Sales and service partner


Mr G.Manager Francesco Brancato

Ripening process Management

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