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Fase Engineering SpA

Via Ettore Benini, 45 - Forlì
ZIP Code

Company Profile:
Fase Engineering is a company with a 10 years experience in the design and installation of alternative energy installations at the national and international level, with more than 20 Mwp installed on the Italian territory. The company offers a qualified energy consulting service for companies and public and private authorities.

Set up from different technical and professional experiences, the company designs and installs systems working with renewable energy sources, mainly photovoltaic and wind energy.

The continuous search for new technologies and products and the development of new architectural solutions guarantee reliability, duration of installations and high energy efficiency.

A flexible organization offering turn-key solutions based on detailed feasibility studies, supporting the customer from the first stages of bureaucracy and financing to the final installation and test.

Fase Engineering obtained the ISO-9001-9002 certificate in 2007, confirming the quality of its services and is also certified S.O.A. For public sector requirements (OG9 III Cat. - OG11 II Cat. - OS30 II Cat.).
The company is leader in Renewable energy Systems design, procurement and installation.

Annual turnover around 48.000.000,00 € mainly due to photovoltaic installation in Italy. (over than 50MW)
Actually we are looking with interests to the UK market.

We are looking for partners in UK interested in our knowledge.

EPC Services: Engineering, Procurement, Construction

What we offer:
We have been designing and manufacturing complete systems for the production of energy from renewable resources for 10 years. We know how to use solar and wind energy to protect the environment and to help you saving money, guaranteeing the productivity of your system for 20 years.

Our Strong and Professional Staff with more that 10 years of experience in Renewable Energies installation.

With more that 60MW installed in Italy we are looking with interests to the UK market.

What we are looking for:
Companies, Manufacturer and EPC interested in our knowledge to discuss about potential business into the UK market for the year 2012.

  • Systems and equipments using energy from alternative souces
    • ] Solar panels
    • ] wind turbines
  • External Works
    • ] Living roofs & walls
  • Professional services
    • ] architectural & design services

Collaboration sought:
  • Technology & business cooperation
    • Engineering and construction services
    • Manufacturing
    • Joint venture
    • Sales and service partner


Mr Gabriele Betti

Export Dept.
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