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ramos srl

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Buildings and hotels automation

What we offer:
• Complete solutions to automate hotels, residences, resorts and beauty farms etc.
• Access control system with RFID transponders
• Thermoregulation local systems to manage thermal plants radian, Fan Coil Units etc.
• Access Control Systems for: Offices, tertiary, Gyms, etc.
• Converters serial communications (optical fibre, RS232, RS422, RS485, etc.)
Other products are shown in our catalogue and web site ( others are not yet , but they need a more experienced distributor that manage ladder programming and FBD in IEC61131
These are:
• Systems I / O distributed with PLC or HMI
• System Home PLC with forms distributed for domotics functions
• Series of accessories for systems I / O and for special domotics functions (receivers and wireless transmitters, receivers and IR remote controls, sensors flooding, etc.)
The systems, we start to market abroad, are particularly designed for the tourism Industry and their unique characteristics can be summarized as follows:

1. Each room or apartment works perfectly stand-alone with our equipment but offering the best features if interfaced with HMI supervision, without any other additional item;

2. Each room “DOMOTIC” central control unit is configured to meet completely the hotel functionality and is already set the mode "Plug & Play" this means hotel “DOMOTIC” central control unit auto-configures automatically the "slave" forms connected, this allows a simple installation even for inexperienced people and improves enormously sales and use;

3. Inside each room “DOMOTIC” central control unit there are already 8 resident programs ready for use and these can always configured with plant running, every program can perform a different function according to the "user level" assigned to the transponders' access (Card - RFID);

4. The temperature is released from access control and attendance, so the central control unit coordinate the presence or absence of the user; but the temperature will still work independently and also in case of lack of communication with the central;

5. The installation is simplified because the modules are equipped with removable clumps that allow quick replacement. In addition, the Plug & Play mode allows you to test the room immediately after installation, without a need to connect it to a PC.

What we are looking for:
These systems could commercially proposed to a vast market.
System Integrators and installers technically advanced as simple installers, but in this case an assistant service for software is needed eventually for putting into service the system, as well as preliminary information and more explanation during the hook-up of the product, but do not require a special introductory course to use the product.
It is possible to develop the software directly from remote and send it by mail, or make assistance remotely through PC of supervision and control if a communication network (minimum ADSL) is always available
It remains to define the "target price" of our products because it is hardly comparable to the simple systems, currently on the market, otherwise our company offer product of extremely economic class, interchangeable with those currently used.

  • Sustainable building
    • ] energy saving devices
    • ] lighting
  • Professional services
    • ] software

Collaboration sought:
  • Technology & business cooperation
    • Technical cooperation
    • Joint venture
    • Sales and service partner
  • Financing & Funding
    • International financing support


Mr Michele Moscati

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