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KL Nami Ltd.

Nautrēnu 12
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Company Profile:
„KL Nami” is an enterprise located in Latvia, and established on the grounds of house building experience of many generations. The great knowledge allowed developing a precise and successful formula of timber frame house building – „EcoPure Homes”. It is a special technology of building ecologically pure, safe, economic, qualitative houses. KL Nami provides a full cycle of the production and building of these houses. The process is being controlled starting from an empty piece of land up to it is a fully prepared, functioning house including interior decoration. The quality of the new house is guaranteed not only by certified specialists, but also by international ISO 9001 and CE standards. The enterprise specializes in Passive House building offering sustainable and extremely low energy consuming houses. KL Nami owns a modern timber frame house source material factory. „EcoPure Homes™” materials are ecologically pure as they are not treated with harmful chemical substances.

Timber Eco House Building

What we offer:
We have developed a special „EcoPure Homes” technology which allows offering the most beneficial, comfortable, fastest and safest method of few-storey building construction, the result of which is ecologically pure, energy efficient, durable, fire-safe and qualitative houses. We have great experience in Passive House building guaranteeing sustainability, comfort, very low energy consumption, thus much lower expenses.

Our enterprise provides a full cycle of the production and building of these houses – from foundation up to interior decoration.

What we are looking for:
We are looking for partners in business and research and customers worldwide interested to cooperate, distribute or purchase our production.

  • Building materials
    • ] adhesives
    • ] aggregates
    • ] concrete
    • ] natural materials
    • ] blocks & bricks
    • ] flooring, wall & ceiling finishes
  • Water Management & efficiency
    • ] waste water treatment
    • ] piping / sewerage system / water supply system
    • ] groundworks & drainage
    • ] sustainable urban drainage systems
    • ] sanitary appliances & fittings
  • Systems and equipments using energy from alternative souces
    • ] Solar panels
  • External Works
    • ] Living roofs & walls
    • ] Hard & soft landscaping
    • ] External lighting
    • ] outdoor fittings
  • Professional services
    • ] architectural & design services
    • ] planning services
    • ] sustainability consultancy
    • ] trade associations

Collaboration sought:
  • Technology & business cooperation
    • Technical cooperation
    • Engineering and construction services
    • Manufacturing
    • License agreement
    • Joint venture
    • Sales and service partner
  • Research Cooperation
    • EU research projects
    • National and regional research programmes
    • Private research


Mr Martins Kalnberzins

project manager
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