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DOMATICA - Global Solutions, S.A.

Rua Belo Horizonte Ed.25C
ZIP Code
Ribamar - Mafra

Company Profile:
DOMATICA S.A. is an engineering manufacturer company closely linked to technological innovation.

Founded in September 2002, headquarters in Ribamar, Lisbon – Portugal.
Concept born out to fill the gap between software and hardware world.

We provide intelligent solutions in the areas of Energy Efficiency Control & Monitoring, Safety, Comfort and Mobility, Home Automation and Building Management.

We will present at ECOBUILD a new solution for Energy Efficiency - RULERGY - Your Energy, Your Rules:

- Know the details about your energy consumption;
- Establish Rules for automated devices control;
- Control your devices
- Reduce energy costs
- Reduce Carbon footprint

- Corporate
- Industry
- Utilities
- Governmental
- Educational
- Agriculture
- Residencial
- Hotels and Tourism
- ...

RULERGY - Your Energy, Your Rules

What we offer:
We will present at ECOBUILD an innovative solution for Energy Efficiency: RULERGY - Your Energy, Your Rules.

The solution RULERGY allows to:
- Monitor and measure the energy consumption;
- Report, tracks and manage energy devices;
- Apply Rules for energy consumption (based on Time or Events) and the system monitors itself.

And so, you can:
- Reduce energy consumption up to 45%;
- Reduce emissions of CO2;
- Save money.

Strength Points of RULERGY solution:
- Multi- device system, which measures and controls whatever you want (read all type of sensors: energy, air, water, temperature, humidity, gas, light, etc);
- Multi-admin (can be managed by different people with different access areas)
- Know the details about your energy consumption;
- Control circuits and devices;
- Allows you to apply your own Rules of energy consumption and automated devices control;
- Plug & Play;
- Total Mobility;
- ROI very low.

To know more visit our website:

What we are looking for:
We are looking for:
- ESCO´s
- Facility Management
- Engineering Consultants
- Sustainability Consultancy
- Building Automation Integrators
- Electrical Equipment Installers
- Distributors

  • Sustainable building
    • ] energy saving devices
    • ] smart meters
  • Water Management & efficiency
    • ] flood management
  • Professional services
    • ] sustainability consultancy
    • ] education, research & consultancy

Collaboration sought:
  • Technology & business cooperation
    • Engineering and construction services
    • Purchase
    • Sales and service partner
    • Other: Distributor
  • Consultancy
    • Public Procurement
    • IT consulting


Ms Milene Silva

Marketing Manager

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