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Sirokko Open Source Solutions S.L.

Edificio Polivalente II - Office No. 6 - Practicante Ignacio RodrĂ­guez Street University Campus
ZIP Code
: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Company Profile:
We are a team of Internet and software development savvy engineers that put ideas into bits to show them worldwide. We have ten years of experience in IT and we have known each other for almost nine of them. Three years ago we started working together at the Free Software Office of the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria University and nearly a year ago we decided to become entrepreneurs and lead our own way.

Open Source Web & Application Design, Graphic Design and IT-Consultancy

What we offer:
Thanks to our 10-year experience in IT we have a wide insight into the web oriented software development market. Our vast knowledge on free and open source software gives us a very client-oriented point of view when it comes to delivering affordable, reliable and flexible software solutions to our customers.

Having grown up personally and professionally with the evolution and thriving of the internet, we consider ourselves IT professionals who are completely immersed in it. We consider that every business should have an online presence now days and we are convinced that we are the best option to achieve this goal.

We take our clients by their hand and work with them side by side. We truly believe that by doing so, we can help improve their businesses on a more personal and fulfilling level. It is this proximity to our customers that allows us to deliver custom made web and software solutions.

Among others, our services include the development and design of web sites and applications as well as graphic design and open source IT consultancy in three languages, English, German and Spanish.

With an online presence, in any form as it may exist, a web site, email, social media or others your business will thrive, getting easier and quicker to international customers and offering you a very powerful and more direct tool to measure your clients’ feedback.

If our client should require it, we would also do the necessary education and training on the use of the implemented solutions.

What we are looking for:
We are looking for entrepreneurs and companies that need a team of developers to set up an online showroom for their ideas or projects.
Our target customers are entrepreneurs and any type of companies that would like to make their ideas or products and services globally accessible.
All those who might need to market their products through websites, on-line stores, social media and other digital marketing tools.

  • Professional services
    • ] software

Collaboration sought:
  • Consultancy
    • IT consulting


Mr Rayco Viera Kaune

Chief Technical Officer / Art Director

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