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Parque Científico Tecnológico – Campus de Tafira, Edificio Polivalente II, 3ª Planta
ZIP Code
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Company Profile:
Speech Translation Services is a business communication services which serves as instrument for the internationalization of small and medium companies. Our geographical location, the Canary Islands, makes Speech a link for business negotiations between Europe and Africa by breaking the language and cultural barriers.
To make this possible, Speech works on helping you to find partners and international alliances by providing a complete and personalized advisory service, by providing access and product/ service adaptation to new markets and new business opportunities and finally by giving you the opportunity to keep conversations in your own natural language with all legal guarantees. We also provide you with certified translations, as well as legal, economic, scientific, technical, literary translations whatsoever. We give you a chance to take an interpreter with you and start negotiating. Definitely with SPEECH, your business is profitable beyond boundaries.

Communication without barriers

What we offer:
Speech offers a business communication solution. It is designed to give you the opportunity to keep conversations in your own language and provide legal guarantees. So it is designed for business people and their companies who want to be profitable beyond the language limits. The service is offered in an access mode, and it is simple for the customer. And because of that, anyone can access the service. Our specialization is on distant and simultaneous interpretation service and localization.
This solution has the following advantages: offers work and gives work to many freelances of language professionals. The solution reduces drastically the costs of simultaneous interpretations, no need of installations, and can be offered anywhere the customers are found. The solution is good for companies, institutions and for personal use like between friends and among the members of a club.

What we are looking for:
In Speech Translation Services, we are focused on making easy the communication among the global society. We are looking for a partnership with a software developing group specialized on telecommunications. A group can be a research group or an existing company. We need to integrate the simultaneous solution with the telecommunication solution so that we can serve better and more to our customers.

  • Professional services
    • ] trade associations

Collaboration sought:
  • Technology & business cooperation
    • Sales and service partner




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