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Sheffield Hallam University

City Campus, Howard Street
ZIP Code
S1 1WB
United Kingdom

Company Profile:
Sheffield Hallam University has a very broad range of expertise in many areas of sustainability. We have experts in strategy, architecture, engineering, energy, water, waste, carbon management, behaviour change, psychology and sociology, to name but a few. Our strength is in the identification and utilisation of bespoke teams to fit a particular project remit.
We have been involved in many projects including researching the efficacy of renewable energy installations in new build and retrofit projects, together with the impact of the human interface. We work nationally and internationally and have an excellent track record of delivering European projects. We wish to be involved in projects and partnerships around design, systems, controls, materials, technologies, and the interface with people in the built environment.

System to determine "operating thermal efficiency" of a building before and after "humans" utilise it.

What we offer:
1.Our expertise is in the combining of experts across various disciplines from design and systems to the psychological and behavioural aspects of the "people" effect on a building particularly when new technology has been applied to a building.
2. A range of smart sensors and controls across different locations in a building.
3.To monitor the effect of people in the utilisation of new technology and how their intervention affects perfomance and efficiency.
4.The ability to recognise the "people" effect for other building design, but also to allow automatic adjustment and settings in the building that is being researched.

What we are looking for:
If you are looking for a particular technology:
1. Partners involved in Building Management Systems
2. To gather information and metrics
3. Feasibility stage

If you are looking for a partner:
1.Looking for industry, and research partners
2. Manufacturing companies and research partners from across Europe
3. Manufacture, resaerch, testing

  • Professional services
    • ] education, research & consultancy

Collaboration sought:
  • Research Cooperation
    • EU research projects
    • National and regional research programmes


Mr David Johnson

Knowledge Trasfer Champion - Sustainability
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