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Intelequia Software Solutions is a young company in Canary Islands, Spain. Intelequia provides technology advice and
understood IT as a Service, whether we talk of platform, software and/or infrastructure (PaaS, SaaS, IaaS), matching the
concepts of "need and capacity" to the economy of each of our clients.
We analyze how much of their information systems fit better in the cloud, which ones should keep on-premise and which
ones should work in a mixed/hybrid model.
We work with products and solutions that meet the most demanding market requirements and develop according to the
latest management methodologies. This way we guarantee the integration of our products and services with the
technologies already in place with the operational strategy of our customers.
Intelequia works to offer our customers increased productivity, proper management of their communications and a
significant cost reductions. To do this we offer the best products tailored to the particular needs of each client.

Development and deployment of applications in the cloud

What we offer:
§ Technology Consulting
§ Integration of applications and collaboration tools
§ Custom development
§ Data Mining
§ Support and Infrastructure as a service advisory
services for technology partners
§ Software design and architecture
§ Developing custom software
§ Training and technology transfer
§ Test plans development
§ Release Management
§ Support and advice on Infrastructure as a Service and Platform as a Service
We are specialized in cloud computing in particular offering solutions built with the DotNetNuke CMS, with
which we develop all kinds of websites and high scalable web applications. We developed DotNetNuke Azure
Accelerator, an open source project, to publish The DotNetNuke CMS on the Windows Azure Plataform.
We have developed solutions for cloud storage:
• Intelequia DNN Folder Providers is a set of folder providers for DNN 6.x, allowing the integration of
external and cloud based file systems. Available providers for Windows Azure Storage, Dropbox and
File System.
• D-Minify: storage in the cloud connecting Windows Azure and Microsoft Sharepoint On line.

What we are looking for:
We are looking for partners who:
- Work with DotNetNuke CMS, because we have solutions around it
- Work with MS Sharepoint, because we have a solution for cloud storage on Azure
- Other partners who want move from on-premise model to the cloud
We are looking for customers who:
- have interest to work with a high scalable CMS or want assess on the cloud model and his
- want to move from on-premise to the cloud

  • Professional services
    • ] software

Collaboration sought:
  • Technology & business cooperation
    • Sales and service partner
  • Consultancy
    • IT consulting


Ms Carmen De Martín López


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