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Spie Fondations UK Ltd

3 Redwell Grove
ZIP Code
ME19 4BU
West Malling
United Kingdom

Company Profile:
Spie Fondations is one of the largest specialist foundation contactors in Europe, based in northern France.

We offer a wide array of techniques including, diaphragm walls, piling, injection and jet grouting, ground improvement and anchors.

Partnering with major clients and contractors we have constructed foundations for many large projects around the world including Algeria, Dubai, and Switzerland. We are now looking to partner with UK clients and contractors to bring the benefit of our experience to the UK market.

Foundations - Piles, Diaphragm Walls, Grouting

What we offer:
Spie Fondations offer over 50 years of experience in the design and construction of specialist foundations. One of our key strengths is the design and construction of cost effective ground support solutions for deep basements and other underground structures.

What we are looking for:
Spie Fondations would like to form allegiances with major UK clients and/or contractors to design and deliver foundation packages for major projects in the UK .

  • Sustainable building
    • ] building structures

Collaboration sought:
  • Technology & business cooperation
    • Engineering and construction services


Mr Adrian Mercer

Business Development Manager UK

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