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Brick House Farm
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United Kingdom

Company Profile:
GBT(Europe) supplies technologies designed to improve the thermal efficiency of Ground Source Heat Pump systems, and reduce both the financial and Carbon costs of installation.

GBT(Europe) is located in Essex, England, 45km North East of London, 16km from London Stansted Airport.

GBT(Europe) distributes Geothermal bore hole pipe spacers (GeoClips), that ensure correct grouting techniques are employed, to produce a predictable installation that offers maximum thermal efficiency, every time. GeoClips also help to minimise operational costs, for the life of the system. GBT also supports Gaia 'Ground Loop Design' computer software and compact 'Thermal Response Test' equipment across Europe.

GBT(Europe) seeks contact with potential consumers; such as Ground Source Heat Pump system designers, installers or Bore hole drillers, as well as Drilling equipment or Heat Pump equipment suppliers interested in local distribution of GBT(Europe)'s products, within their own territories.

Geothermal Bore hole pipe spacer (GeoClip)

What we offer:
GBT(Europe) are exclusive distributor for the novel GeoClip pipe spacer, designed to maximise geothermal heat exchanger efficiency, allowing installers to produce a 'Standardised' installation offering maximum thermal performance, every time.

Unlike disk or other plastic clip spacers, GeoClips keep the Geothermal Heat Exchanger (GHEx) Loop pipes and (tremie) grout pipe as a compact unit throughout installation; this minimises pipe contact with the bore hole wall, making installation easier. GeoClips also ensure that the grout pipe actually reaches the bottom of the bore hole; 'Bottom - Up' grouting is 'Best Practice', helping to eliminate thermal voids.

GeoClips are the only spacer that can reliably place the GHEx pipes in proximity to the bore hole wall, for maximum performance.

What we are looking for:
GBT(Europe) seeks:

* Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) System Designers, wishing to specify GeoClips to minimise system design costs and maximise System thermal performance.

* Geothermal bore hole installers (Bore hole Drillers), wishing to use GeoClips to standardise their Geothermal installations and reduce installation costs.

We offer full technical support, including training and on-site support, if required.

* GSHP Drilling equipment suppliers, to act as local stock holders and Distributors for GeoClips, within their local territories.

* Any person(s) with good technical knowledge of their local Ground Source Heat Pump market / Geothermal drilling techniques, interested in acting as Distributor for GeoClips, to their local territory.

  • Building materials
    • ] concrete

Collaboration sought:
  • Technology & business cooperation
    • Engineering and construction services


Mr Neil Bookless

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