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Life Synthesis AS

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Company Profile:
Based in Norway, Life Synthesis is established to commercialise the technology SolaRoof. SolaRoof utilises innovative methods for climate crontol of buildings. This enables transparent building envelopes with high insulation value, dynamic insulation, built in solar collection functions, and light weight - high strength specifications. Products are developed to be available in different price categories, and upgradable.

First line of products are AgriPod. Info:

Dynamic energy-efficient light weight building envelopes for insulated closed greenhouses and transparent building surfaces. Uses innovative water and air based climate control methods such as circulating water and liquid bubble insulation for high adapta

What we offer:
The in debt knowledge and expertise of the SolaRoof inventor Richard Nelson spans areas of sustainable food production (soil based, hydroponic, aquaponic, aeroponic, cell cultivation.

Arkitect David Benjamin is expert in energy-efficiency of buildings and passive house standard; as well as biological water treatment through partnership with John Tood.

Arkitect and Master Planner Bruce Michael Edgar has expertise within sustainable development and 10 years experience within Prince's Regeneration Trust.

We offer various SolaRoof products that are close to completion, and consultancy of custum built soluitons, and various applications.

SolaRoof as the main or integrated method of construction has the advantage of offering light weight, cost effective, highly adaptable and energy efficient prefabricated systems that let in high degree of light, and still U value potential of 0.025.
In food production, the climate control methods are so efficient that we escape need for ventilation; thus enabling closed production for high CO2 levels and recapturing of transpiration. This reduces water needs by about 80%, and gives incredible potential for connection between production of food, energy crops and algae in SolaRoof Closed Environment Greenhouses to industry with CO2 emissions.

What we are looking for:
We are looking for various partners within sustainable development, climate adaptation, and environmental production of food and energy. We want to develop new products for the built environment, such as façades and skylights, atrium, prefab houses etc.

Companies and persons interested in establishing green jobs within innovative continuous agriculture practices combined with renewable energy production.

We are also looking for partners within the receiver countries of the EEA Grants.

  • Sustainable building
    • ] air conditioning systems
    • ] heating systems
    • ] energy saving devices
    • ] lighting
    • ] building structures
    • ] ventilation
    • ] modular & prefabricated buildings
  • Building materials
    • ] natural materials
    • ] recycled materials
  • Water Management & efficiency
    • ] waste water treatment
    • ] rainwater harvesting
    • ] water recycling
  • Systems and equipments using energy from alternative souces
    • ] biomass / biogas
    • ] biofuels
  • External Works
    • ] Living roofs & walls
  • Professional services
    • ] architectural & design services
    • ] planning services
    • ] education, research & consultancy

Collaboration sought:
  • Technology & business cooperation
    • Technical cooperation
    • Engineering and construction services
    • Manufacturing
    • License agreement
    • Joint venture
    • Purchase
    • Sales and service partner
  • Research Cooperation
    • EU research projects
    • National and regional research programmes
    • Private research
  • Financing & Funding
    • Funding EU / National programmes
    • German financing support (e.g. Business Angels)
    • International financing support
  • Consultancy
    • Public Procurement
    • Market access
    • Legal advice and IPR


Ms Anne Wirstad

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