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Sashglass Ltd

The Strand
ZIP Code
CT14 7HD
Walmer, Deal
United Kingdom

Company Profile:
Sashglass started in January 2007 after I had been sent a sample of a Slimlite unit and seen it for what it was; what we had all been waiting for since the introduction of Document L in 2006 when we were all pulling our hair out, conflicted by the desire to be green and at the same time preserve the look of our windows!
At the time I had a sash renovation company. In 1990 had I bought a 5 bedroom house in the East end of London with 13 sash windows, mostly rotten. So, I learned how to renovate a sash window the hard way, 13 times.
Having seen the sample I approached Slimlite about representation. They had no website at that time and were not marketing it very forcefully. So, having been given the ‘agency’ I immediately built a website with and started spreading the word.
Last year we sold over 12,000 Slimlite units, advising, providing quick quotes and looking after the progress of hundreds of orders.
We are now based in Deal, Kent.

Agents for Slimlite Double glazed units

What we offer:
Sashglass Ltd supply Slimlite double glazed units to Joiners, builders and home owners to put in casement or sliding sash windows to insulate their homes effectively. Our ultra-thin units have also found favour with architects and surveyors working on renovations and extensions who wish to stipulate energy saving products without compromising the important historic features of old buildings.
One feature of a period building is windows which traditionally have narrow glazing bars (to maximise light). Normal double glazing has such a large spacer dividing the two panes that it will not fit a traditional 18mm glazing bar.
Not only is Slimlite very thin, and therefore gives no double reflection, it has a Patent protected 5mm sightline at the perimeter which means that it will fit the rebate of a 17mm glazing bar. It also complies with the latest legislation governing the installation of new and renovated windows and carries a 10 year manufacturer's Guarantee.
We also supply Slimlite reproduction “crown” units to recreate historic glass. Finishes, including satin, toughened and patterned glass are also available.
We have been growing steadily from our base in Deal, Kent since 2007 and are now looking to offer our service and product to continental architects, surveyors, carpenters and homeowners .
Having worked on buildings of all ages and having renovated many windows and fitted Slimlite ourselves, we are well placed to offer technical advice as well as understanding the needs of the end user and contractor alike.

What we are looking for:
We are looking for Architects, surveyors, and joiners working on renovations. Joinery manufacturers and timber window specialists.

  • Sustainable building
    • ] energy saving devices

Collaboration sought:
  • Technology & business cooperation
    • Engineering and construction services
    • Purchase


Mr Guy Scantlebury


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