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Institute of Energy and Sustainable Development, De Montfort University

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United Kingdom

Company Profile:
The Institute of Energy and Sustainable Development (IESD) is at De Montfort University in Leicester, central England. It employs a multi-disciplinary team of Professors, Lecturers, Fellows and Senior Fellows - and higher degree students - respected internationally for the quality of their work. They carry out multi-disciplinary research projects that address environmental, economic and social research problems, with a focus on energy use and carbon reduction in buildings and modelling innovative energy systems such as smart grids and novel technologies.

Modelling & understanding low energy buildings and systems - research and consultancy

What we offer:
Our expertise is a socio-technical approach to low energy buildings and systems, ranging from building simulation to behavioural studies and detailed monitoring. Recent examples include: low energy housing retrofit, impacts of smart meters, modelling dynamic electricity grids, the value of green spaces, natural ventilation in schools, low energy cooling, low energy manufacturing, and the environmental impacts of pop festivals. We work with a wide range of local and national companies, local and national government, and have strong links with Europe and overseas. We have an unusual level of interdisciplinary work, which has proved very appropriate for this type of work. We also provide MSc courses and modules, on site and distance learning.

What we are looking for:
We work with many different technologies. We are interested in consultancy or research working with partners on modelling, systems analysis, and where applicable, detailed building monitoring (energy, internal conditions, behaviour). We are happy to work with companies or other research bodies. Much of the work we do is in the construction sector (buildings), but we also work with utilities, technology companies, manufacturers and local and national government. We would particularly be interested in consortia relating to buildings and sustainable communities.

  • Professional services
    • ] education, research & consultancy

Collaboration sought:
  • Research Cooperation
    • National and regional research programmes


Mr Dr Andrew Wright

Reader in Building Engineering Physics

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