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Company Profile:
During the last years the exploitation of the tidal currents with hydro turbines has received a considerable
attention in the whole world. The improvement of turbine’s efficiency has indicated their economical
The ADAG group since 1998 leads experimental and numerical studies on horizontal and vertical axis hydro
turbines through wind-tunnel and water tank tests. The group has been involved into the design, construction and tests of a novel patented vertical axis hydro turbine, KOBOLD, built and tested at full scale. Currently, ADAG is designing a new vertical axis tidal current turbine, MYTHOS. The group has also designed and tested in the water tank a small-scale prototype of horizontal axis turbine for the project GEM, the ocean kite device to harness marine current energy. Aim of these turbines is the demonstration that this is a convenient way to produce clean energy if compared with other renewable energy sources. Another project developed in cooperation with FRI-EL SEA POWER S.p.A. is the design of a 500 kW prototype of a horizontal-axis turbines
system. Numerous tests have been carried out on the model, both in the naval towing tank of the University of Naples and in real conditions in the strait of Messina.

Development of horizontal and vertical axis hydro turbines for marine and river current energy exploitat

What we offer:
KOBOLD: a vertical axis hydro turbine designed to exploit tidal currents. It has a diameter of 6 m and blades
are 5 m long. The turbine, mounted on a floating platform, is characterized by automatically variable pitch
blades and non-symmetrical airfoil.
A prototype, able to produce 160 kW with a current speed of 7 kts, has been developed in collaboration with
Ponte di Archimede Spa and is installed in the strait of Messina.
MYTHOS: a vertical axis turbine developed with the aim to have the following characteristics:
-a good efficiency, close to the Darrieus’ one;
-a great starting torque that allows the autonomous starting of the turbine;
-a strong structure, proper to marine use;
-a good modularity of the parts, in order to easily change the configuration;
-a non complex structure, easy to realize and at cheap costs.
The innovation in technology of this invention is in the new idea of connection between the edged blades and
the rotor. In Mythos turbine the arms have a double function: to connect the blades with the rotor and to
generate torque; in this case they are lifting arms.
The configuration can be chosen in the construction phase according with the environment conditions.
GEM: a horizontal axis turbines system designed to exploit tidal currents. The system consists of a main
floating body and two turbines (150 kW each turbine) with a total power of 300 kW. Each turbine has three
blades and a diameter rotor of 5 m. The system is placed at 15-20 m below the sea surface. The model has
been tested in the naval towing tank of University “Federico II”.
SEAPOWER PROJECT: a horizontal-axis turbines system consisting of a floating hull, anchored to the
seabed, and of submerged shafts named “lines”. On each line 5 horizontal-axis turbines are mounted. The
underwater shafts are connected to the hull and transfer the mechanical power to be converted into electrical power.

What we are looking for:
Internationally patented KOBOLD turbine has mainly two innovative aspects:
- A unique and autonomous blade oscillation principle around hinge axis governed just by aerodynamic and
centrifugal forces. Thanks to this very simple principle, the turbine is able to start rotating autonomously and
to speed up to rated RPM overcoming the typical limits of similar vertical axis turbines.
- Curved blade section (airfoil) to generate high lift and torque avoiding cavitation.
MYTHOS turbine will be characterized by higher simplicity then Kobold with three fixed blades endowed of an
innovative device that works only under the action of fluid dynamic and inertial forces. Such device will
increase the efficiency giving a very high starting torque and reaching a global efficiency up to 30%.
The use of a direct driven permanent magnets electric generator (so without gearbox) will assure an increase
of the global efficiency.

  • Systems and equipments using energy from alternative souces
    • ] wind turbines

Collaboration sought:
  • Technology & business cooperation
    • Manufacturing


Mr Alessandro Buttà

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