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10 in 5 Limited

9 Weech Road
ZIP Code
United Kingdom

Company Profile:
London based.

10 in 5 are developing wind-powered heat recovery ventilation systems for residential use. We also provide engineering consultancy services with particular focus on start-up cleantech firms.

Wind-powered heat recovery ventilation

What we offer:
The ReGen Ventilator is a wind-powered heat recovery ventilator. The device has been specifically designed to retrofit cheaply and easily to most properties.

With no running cost (thanks to the wind) and low installed cost, the system offers payback within 5 years. As the ReGen Ventilator is located on the outside of a building, it also offers a visual display of sustainability while requiring minimal or no planning approval.

We are currently testing prototype units and have applied for international patents.

An energy recovery version is also in development.

What we are looking for:
We are looking for a partner to help bring the ReGen Ventilator from prototype to the consumer. We seek a partner to manufacture and distribute the device. The system is currently designed to be injection moulded from recycled plastic.

On the technical side, we are interested in further optimisation of the system. Of particular interest is expertise in heat exchangers, wind turbines and/or fans.

  • Systems and equipments using energy from alternative souces
    • ] wind turbines

Collaboration sought:
  • Technology & business cooperation
    • Technical cooperation


Mr Director Thor Hendrickson

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