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Voltage optimisation: The guaranteed way to reduce energy consumption and electricity bills.
United Kingdom / VO4HOME Ltd

VO4HOME is a domestic voltage optimisation system designed for use in homes and small businesses.

Most electrical equipment man...
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Italian company, which produces elastomeric waterproofing bitumen in water emulsion, synthetic liquid waterproofing protection, non-destructive anchoring systems for photovoltaic modules in crystalline or amorphous silicon.

Company located in Puglia, which produces elastomeric waterproofing bitumen in water emulsion, synthetic liquid waterproofing prot...
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Risk; Safety and Productivity Improvement
United Kingdom / WellKom

WellKom over the last 10 years has developed a proven approach to improving risk; safety and productivity of all types of employee...
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Williams Ozcelik Architects
Architecture, Design, Research, Sustainability, Construction
Turkey / Williams Ozcelik Architects

Williams Ozcelik Architects was established in 2011 as an architecture, design, and research practice, and construction management...
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Windinvest srl
Energy and Lighting Management
Italy / Windinvest srl

• Design, construction, operation and maintenance of wind farms

• Windinvest works closely with NITEKO Srl, LED company bas...
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Yumatec bvba
PV solar panels
Belgium / Yumatec bvba

1. Geographical location : situated in Belgium West Flanders. Verrekijker 25/0005, 8750 Wingene
2. installation of solar panels r...
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Z-Module OÜ
Z-Module - timber wall modules, including passive house modules.
Estonia / Z-Module OÜ

Idea of Z-shaped wall construction module comes from the combination of innovative thinking and a remarkable amount of residual ti...
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