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Galati Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Technology for generating electric energy from biomass
Romania / Galati Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Enterprise Europe Network partner reprezented an energy service company....
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Galati Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture Enterprise Europe Network Partner
Eastern Romanian Business Support Network
Romania / Galati Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture Enterprise Europe Network Partner

former EIC being part of Eastern Romanian Business Support Network which provides services for Romanian 2nd Macro-region (Galati,...
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Geothermal Bore hole pipe spacer (GeoClip)
United Kingdom / GBT(Europe)

GBT(Europe) supplies technologies designed to improve the thermal efficiency of Ground Source Heat Pump systems, and reduce both ...
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Gefran SpA
Gefran RADIUS APV solar inverters
Italy / Gefran SpA

Since over 45 years, Gefran provides the best solutions with sensors, components, and for automation and motion control, developin...
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Comfort and energy monitoring - Dynamic simulation modelling
Belgium / GEMS

We do environmental consultancy (BREEAM, DSM, LCCA, EPB) and plan to expand our services in the energy monitoring.

Our present ...
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Geo-Mole Limited
The New way to install Ground Source Heat Pumps - The Geo-Mole
United Kingdom / Geo-Mole Limited

Geo-Mole Limited is currently based in Faversham, Kent.
We design and manufacture probes for use with ground source heat pumps.
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Giordano Industries
Solar thermal and heat pumps manufacturer
France / Giordano Industries

French leading manufacturer of Solar thermal systems, solar thermodynamic systems, ground and air/source heat pumps.

Est. in 19...
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GMP Engineering sas
Termocoppo® Solar Collector - looking for industrial partners interested in the manufacturing and/or commercialization in their country.
Italy / GMP Engineering sas

Gmp Engineering sas was founded in 1996 The keen interest for environmental themes has motivated Gmp Engineering sas to conduct a ...
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Graffiti Magic Ltd
Graffiti Magic -The world's first and only permanent and breathable water washable anti-graffiti coating.
United Kingdom / Graffiti Magic Ltd

Graffiti Magic Ltd are a well established British manufacture of a special, unique, clear, permanent, UV resistant water washable ...
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Gray Matter (Alpha) Ltd
Thermo Louvre
United Kingdom / Gray Matter (Alpha) Ltd

Gray Matter innovates - develops IP and continues with the product until deals are done and profits are made. Giving value -...
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One stop shop easy access to sustainable construction
United Kingdom / GreenSpec

1 Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, UK, EU, the world (internet is main dissemination route)
2. Environmental & Specification Con...
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micro-wind turbine for residential applications

Greentronics S.r.l. is a highly innovative company operating in the field of power electronics for energy efficiency and renewable...
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GRINEA® livingwalls
GRINEA® Vert 75F Innovative patented solution for vertical gardening and livingwalls
Spain / GRINEA® livingwalls

Our company is based in Almería, and we are specialized in the application of hydroponic technology in urban landscaping and bioc...
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wood heating appliances

Groupe Seguin is evolving in the wood heating sector since 30 years. Groupe Seguin is a French manufacturer (the head offices are ...
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Hambleside Danelaw Limited
Hambleside Danelaw
United Kingdom / Hambleside Danelaw Limited

Hambleside Danelaw has manufacturing units in Daventry, England and Inverness, Scotland. We were established in 1977 and have been...
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Hampshire County Council (PRISME)
Efficiency Technologies within the Category of Property Services
United Kingdom / Hampshire County Council (PRISME)

Hampshire County Council purchases goods, works and services totalling more than £600 million a year from the private, public and...
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Haringey Council (PRISME)
Energy Efficiency Technologies
United Kingdom / Haringey Council (PRISME)

One of the 32 x London Councils delivering Public Services in the Borough of Haringey in London.
The Council is committed to supp...
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Herz&Lang GmbH
Specialists in Sustainable Building
Germany / Herz&Lang GmbH

1. Geographical location: Located in the south of Bavaria.

2. Type of organization: Consultancy firm for energy efficient const...
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Facade elements made of cast composite stone like door and window sills, jambs, plinths and wall covering plates.
Netherlands / Holonite

Holonite was founded in 1969 and is located in the south-west of the Netherlands. The company produces all kinds of facade element...
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Expertise in the energy sector
Italy / Horus

Horus supports the spread of the culture of energy savings and works on the implementation of good practices for sustainable devel...
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